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Oriveden seudun kansalaisopisto (OSKO) is an education centre offering courses for both adults and children in the municipalities of Orivesi and Juupajoki.

The provided courses can be divided into two types: liberal adult education and more goal-oriented basic education in the arts. In basic education in the arts the focus is on music and visual arts. Liberal adult education includes the following:

  • music – singing and instruments (individual and group), band, choir, early music education (babies, toddlers, young children)

  • theatre – plays, recitals

  • dance (children, youth, adults)

  • visual arts – drawing, painting, photography

  • handicrafts – woodworking, sewing, pottery

  • body and mind – well-being, physical exercise

  • practical skills – computers, social media

  • languages

  • history

In addition, OSKO offers public lectures and participates in cooperation programs in art education with other local education providers and artists.

There is some annual variation in the selection and topics of courses as OSKO wants to meet the needs and interests of the locals. The residents of Orivesi and Juupajoki are actively encouraged to suggest courses they would be interested in attending.

The academic year begins in September and ends in April, and there is a longer break between the autumn and the spring term. The courses usually meet weekly and last the whole year, but there are some shorter courses with different scheduling. Many of the courses are offered in the evenings but some groups meet in the mornings or afternoons. The courses are held at many locations in Orivesi and Juupajoki. The number of part-time teachers is approximately 80 per year and that of full-time staff is 3.

The program is published in the summer, and enrollment begins in mid-August. You can sign up for the courses in three ways: online, by phone or by visiting the office in person. Advance enrollment is always required, and courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The most popular courses fill up fast as soon as enrollment begins. It is possible to enroll later in the year if there is room in the course.

Course fees vary according to the type and length of the course. There might be an extra materials fee. Some course fees are subsidized to encourage enrollment among the following groups: immigrants, senior citizens, retirees, the unemployed, and residents who have a low level of basic education, learning disabilities or other disabilities. Employee benefit vouchers are also accepted as a form of payment.

Students’ achievements are celebrated in shows, plays, recitals, matinees, displays and performances especially around Christmas and at the end of the academic year. OSKO’s students also have their own student organization.

You can find out more about courses and events on OSKO’s Facebook page.

Welcome to OSKO to learn something new, to brush up old skills and to be active in good company!