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The Kaarikirkko Church, the Orivesi Road Church. Keskustie 17. Built in 1961, designed by Kaija and Heikki Sirén. The altarpiece is Kain Tapper’s Golgatan kallio (“The Golgotha hill”).  Enquiries and bookings for a guide, tel. +358 40 8049 600

The Eräjärvi Wooden Church, Eräjärventie 1592. Built in 1821. A church museum. Open on request, tel. +358 40 8049 600

The Längelmäki Church, Längelmäen kirkkotie 565. A Baroque-style wooden church built in 1772. Antti Piimänen, sacristy and the museum part in 1895–1896. A church museum, a granary museum. Open on request, tel. +358 40 8049 600

The Eräjärvi Geological Museum. Eräjärventie 1592.  In the Eräjärvi church grounds. A specialty museum built in an old granary, showcasing mineral samples and the history of the stone industry in the region. Houses the largest agate collection in Finland and one of the country’s biggest collections of orbicular granite. Maps on the quarries available for hikers. Open from 10 June to 5 August Tue–Sun from noon till 5 pm, Mon closed, otherwise open on request. Enquiries +358 400 605 704.

The Paltamäki Local Heritage Museum. Museotie (up the hill next to the ice rink). This charming open-air museum with its windmills and old buildings is located near the centre and surrounded by nature. Also houses an exhibition by the Ylä-Häme Artists' Association. Open from 6 June to 27 August between 11 am and 4 pm, closed on Mondays. Open for groups on request. Enquiries, tel. +358 400 336 214/Tapio Estola.

A traditional military dugout in Paltamäki’s museum grounds. Enquiries +358 40 748 1887. Guided tours available. 

Taitokeskus Orivesi Auvisen talo, Keskustie 37, tel. +358 3 225 1455 and +358 50 433 8681.

Open Mon–Fri 10 am to 5 pm (in summer 9 am to 5 pm), Sat 10 am to 2 pm. A shop selling all kinds of handcrafts and gift items. An exhibition can be found upstairs. Tourist information. Tickets to the Rönni summer theatre. http://www.taitopirkanmaa.fi/epages/taitopirkanmaa.sf/en_GB/?ViewObjectPath=%2FShops%2Fpirkanmaa

Hörtsänä Arboretum, Onnistaipale, Onnisjärventie 11. Guided tours for groups on request, enquiries at the tourist information tel. +358 3 225 1455 and +358 50 433 8681.


Aimo Tukiainen’s Orivarsa in the Central Park, Kenkälintu next to the Town Hall, Keskustie 23 and Kirkonkukoton the Eräjärvi churchyard, Eräjärventie 1592.

The Leprosy Hospital and Reserve Company memorials near the vocational school in Rovastintie/Ammattikouluntie.

The memorial for the Winter War soldiers, Koulutie 5, in Oriveden Opisto’s yard.

The monument of the Lapland War, Winter War and Continuation War, Urheilutie 3, in front of the Suojan talo building.

The Battle of Orivesi memorial, Asematie 15, in front of the railway station,

Aviation history monument, in the corner of Eräjärventie and Lehtimäentie,

Memorial for Soviet prisoners of war in Eräslahti, Hangastie 93.


The Art Centre Purnu in Orivesi’s Pitkäjärvi, Mustasaari 63, since 1967. On the shores of Lake Längelmävesi. Open daily from 18 June to 6 August, 11 am to 6 pm, and for groups on request from 22 May to 27 August, tel. +358 3 335 4323, +358 40 967 8820, http://www.purnu.fi/english/

The Art Centre Leporanta, Vinkiäntie 745, Längelmäki. 24 June – 6 August 2016 Tue–Sun, noon till 6 pm. Groups on request, tel. +358 40 582 8504, www.leporannantaidekeskus.net (in Finnish)  

Art exhibition and second-hand market 16–27 July. Waffle cafe from noon to 6 pm, Tiihalanniemi 161, Talviainen.

The Orivesi library, Keskustie 23. Changing exhibitions year-round.

Exhibition by the Ylä-Häme Artists' Association at the Paltamäki Museum. Open between 6 June and 27 August from 11 am to 4 pm, closed on Mondays.

Summer exhibition “Artists from the 100-year-old Finland”, Taitokeskus Orivesi/Auvisen talo, Keskustie 37, tel. +358 3 225 1455 and +358 50 433 8681. Open Mon–Fri 10 am to 5 pm (in summer 9 am to 5 pm), Sat 10 am to 2 pm.

Exhibition PiianPeilit & RenginKaapit (traditional furniture) in the spirit of Finland 100 at Arjuskan Salonki in Eräjärvi from 1 July to 6 August.  Uusi-Laurilantie 36. Open Sat–Sun from noon to 4 pm or on request. Tel. +358 50 345 5361. Organised by The Järvenpää and Vihasjärvi village committee

Hundred years of craftsmanship in Eräjärvi 23 July – 5 August At Eräjärvi’s Erälinna Organised by Eräjärvi-Seura


16 June – 30 July. The Rönni Summer Theatre: The Kauppa-Lopo musical

Written by Minna Canth, dramatised by Tuija Töyräs, music and arrangement by Jyrki Heikkilä, directed by Jarmo Skön, songs by Leena Laaksonen. Fri 16 June at 7 pm (preview performance), Sat 17 June at 3 pm (premiere), the other performances on: Tue 20 June at 7 pm, Wed 21 June at 7 pm, Tue 27 June at 7 pm, Thu 29 June at 7 pm, Sun 2 July at 5 pm, Tue 4 July at 7 pm, Thu 6 July at 7 pm, Sun 9 July at 3 pm, Sun 23 July at 3 pm, Tue 25 July at 7 pm, Thu 27 July at 7 pm, Sun 30 July at 3 pm. Tickets in advance from Taitokeskus Orivesi, Eräjärvi Village Association (Eky), the Eräjärven Lounasravintola restaurant or erajarventeatterit.fi (in Finnish). The play is part of the national Finland 100 programme. Eräjärventie 946, tel. +358 50 436 8466. Organised by The Rönni Summer Theatre/OSKO


Regular events:

The dances at Rönnin huvikeskus entertainment centre. Eräjärventie 946, tel. +358 3 530 6602www.ronninlava.com (in Finnish)

Dances on Saturdays between 13 May and 9 September, and on Wednesdays between 28 June and 9 August. A Midsummer dance on Friday 23 June.

Summer theatre and other events. Cafe, pub, kiosk, Internet, beach, public phone. Dance hall rental and catering services, fishing licences.

Taiston Tawarat & Kahvila:

Antiques shop, second-hand shop and cafe open on Saturdays between 13 May and 9 September 2017 from 10 am to 3 pm


26 August The Finnish Nature Day The main event “Celebrate the Finnish nature” in the afternoon in Eräpyhä, choir singing, etc. Organised by: The Orivesi Association for Nature Conservation. More information atwww.orivedenluonto.fi (in Finnish)

26 August A Venetian Evening at 7 pm at Arjuskan Salonki, Uusi-Laurilantie 36.

A casual evening event to mark the end of the holiday season. Tel. +358 50 345 5361. Organised by The Järvenpää and Vihasjärvi village committee

26 August A Venetian festival at Säynäniemi Camping, Säynäniementie 100
Karaoke, the band Kormus at 10 pm, fireworks at midnight.

26 August Mämmilän Elomeininkit in Orivesi. The Night of the Arts, events and performances in Orivesi.Organised by the culture services and its cooperation partners.

9 September Summer market in Talviainen, Tiihalanniemi 161, Talviainen

16 September The Four Finnish Seasons concert at the Västilän Voimantalo hall. Organised by Oriveden Mieslaulajat, Laulun Lumo.